December 14, 2015

Candice’s Favorite Things 2015!

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We all are familiar with Oprah’s annual “Favorite things” list. The go to list for all your shopping needs for the holidays endorsed by the one and only Oprah Winfrey. In the spirit of the holidays I’ve decided to list my favorite things from 2015 that enhanced my life in little ways.  My list may not be as extensive as Oprah’s, but it is still packed with cool items to spruce up everyday life for you and others.

Anastasia’s Beverly Hill’s Self-made Palette (Retail $35)

I am a self proclaimed fan of make up and make up artists. I’m in love with MAC cosmetics and if they allowed me to live in one of the stores I would.  This is the first time I’ve ever tried Anastasia’s eye colors and I can say that I am super impressed. Because of my dark skin tone I like eye makeup that is strong in pigment. This palette is great in pigment therefore you don’t use much product during application. Also, cheers to the selection of colors. With this palette you can go from a everyday look right quick to a more dramatic look. If you are shy about makeup or you are a makeup maven this is a great palette for you. Plus you can’t beat the price point.


Diptyque Candles  (Retail $32-72)

This has become one of my favorite candles as of late. I am a candle buff. Diptyque is a French company . This candle has a strong scent before you even light it. Anyone who is a fan of floral scents will love Diptyque candles.



I generally don’t like the taste of health shakes but I must say that this one is good. This shake comes in different flavors. I like the Vanilla one the best. In my shake I include Frozen Strawberries, Bananas, Pineapple Juice, and Almond milk. I have it first thing in the morning and it helps give me energy throughout my day.


Poo-pouri (Retail $9.95)

ANNOUNCEMENT: THIS IS NOT A GAG GIFT. I was walking in heaven aka Bed Bath and Beyond and I saw this product in all it’s glory sitting on an end cap. I decided to try the Lavender Vanilla scent (I’m not sure why Lavender, should it make me relaxed and sleepy on the toilet?) I have Questions…

All I can say is that when I finally got to try it I loved it! My advice is don’t give this to someone as a gift unless you’re going as Offensive Santa Claus for Christmas. This product you have to do your own infomercial for people to get the gist. This is also a great product if you live with others. Please spare them your stankiness.


Teavana Perfectea Maker (Retail $19.95- $29.95)

This is a perfect give for the Tea lovers in your life. I’m not a coffee person, I’m a tea person and this is very simple system to get the perfect cup of tea every time!


Tile (Retail $25)

One time I lost my keys heading into Manhattan to meet up a friend when I lived in NY. It ended up costing me big time because my key fob was about $400 to replace. YIKES!  After that I discovered Tile.  You download an app that enables you to track your keys by GPS and you can also send a signal that allows the Tile to sound off until you find the item.


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up ($9.99)

There are many books written on the power of organization. I really enjoyed this book because it deals with the over emotional attachment we can have to our homes. The author takes such a modern and simple approach to organization that I’m not surprised that it is a best seller.


ShootSac Card Holder (Retail $29)

This is a perfect gift for photographers who like to secure their cards while on the job. It also comes with a strap that you can hook on to your camera bag or on your person.


Little Moons from the Little Moon Market  (Retail $3-$40)

Lauren Leith the owner of Little Moons market is a photographer as well as an artist. She designs these little moons herself as an extension of her heart and spirit. She writes encouraging messages on the Little Moons that seems to be the right words at the right time. There are different sizes you can purchase and you can get them in Frames or without frames. They make great gifts for the sentimental.


On Friday I will be giving away 3 items.

Updated with Winner information

First Prize will be a Tile ** Winner Lindsey Ederington**

Second Prize will be will be the Shoot Sac Card Holder **Winner Gail Raynor**

Third Prize will be a travel candle from Diptyque **Winner Karen Kuhlmann**

In order to enter the contest you must sign up for my newsletters on the top right corner of this page. Make sure you confirm your email address. 

Winners will be announced on Friday December 18th. Happy Holidays!!!!! (Sorry to the ones who thought they were getting cars. I’m not that on that Oprah level… Yet)

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  1. Monica Day says:

    I love everything on this list!! I mean, I haven’t tried all of them but this list is still fab!

  2. Sharai K Thomas says:

    Alot in common! Cool choices love um!

  3. Tasha Prescott-Wilson says:

    See that’s why I knew we were soul sisters lol most of this list is on my list of must haves as well! ❤️

  4. Fay Eastman-Adams says:

    Omg! I love makeup too 😉
    I’m embarrassed by the number of palettes I have lol.

  5. Abegail Domond says:

    Great List Candice!!!

  6. Ronaé Baker says:

    I’m a candle junky….ooooou!!!! Love this!

  7. Claudine Bowie says:

    Love the list Candice! The Anastasia eye make up looks like that might be right up my street for 2016. Someone on my job leaves the poot-pourie in our bathroom and it is truly “heaven sent” aka heaven scent

    #Claudine❤️’S the almost Oprah list!

  8. Fulei Ngangmuta says:

    The makeup, candle, & tea are calling my name! Great list!!!

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