November 4, 2015

Well…. I moved to California

Well….I moved.

I moved from New York City to Los Angeles (The City of Angeles).  I’m still in shock saying that as well as writing it. I am  attempting to live my dreams and folks? IT.IS.SCARY!  Many people have asked me, “Why did you move?” Well, it’s been my dream for about 4 years to move to California. Every time I would visit California I felt at home. It’s unexplainable. (And I mean C’mon! It’s California for Pete’s sake! BTW I still don’t know who Pete is for the record)

While switching Coasts I moved to Las Vegas in the middle of transition. During those 8 months I scaled back in my business and assisted a sick family member, and was able to refocus. A much needed break.

Being a wedding photographer has given me opportunities to travel and meet people all around the world. Yes, I still fly all over the US and the world to serve my awesome clients.  Yes, I am aware that I am starting over in a new market (which is saturated with wedding photographers already). No, I won’t let that stop me.  There’s an old saying “What God has for me is for me”. I know I’m supposed to be here. I have been blessed with so much on the way to moving here. Life changing blessings that I will share more about as I move along in this journey.

One thing I will say. I’m still an East Coaster in my heart.

       Biggie > Tupac

       NYC is still the best city in the world!

       Love my Florida Peeps still

I just live in another time zone over 3,000 miles away (Remember that when you all call me and I’m still asleep)

Please Keep me in your prayers, send your well wishes and encouragement as I settle in.

Thank you!




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  1. Philieka Precious Perkins says:

    Im sooooo proud of you. This is just the beginning of many many more blessings to come. Love you dearly

  2. Pouchie Mac says:

    I’m happy for you mama!!!!!!! Congrats on your new adventure!!!!! Yuh nuh mi luv yuh Lang tyme!! Lol.

  3. Shenelle Wallace says:

    Congrats Candice! Lol@still don’t know who Pete is. Haha!

  4. Sharai K Thomas says:

    Proud of you girl! Reach past the stars..cuz God got You! Love u!

  5. Spicytee Shakeerah Orimadegun says:

    Oh yea.. Correct! What is for us will never pass us by.
    How are you doing galfriend? I’m sure you are settling in alright.
    All the best.

  6. Claudine Bowie says:

    If God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush look at all He has in store for you. Nothing is impossible with God my dear friend. Keep blazing the trails! ❤️

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