January 20, 2015



Life is a series of choices – Unknown

I love that quote and I hate it at the same time. It’s a true statement yet the weightiness and responsibility of it I cannot shake. Last week I had the privilege to attend my first un-conference in California. The small boutique conference was held in The Dax art gallery in the suburbs of Costa Mesa. As I sat there amongst some of the most determined entrepreneurs, nature called so I excused myself to go to the restroom.  As soon as I walked into the restroom my eye was drawn straight to the mirror. Etched in mirror was the quote “Sometimes the wrong choices bring you to the right places.” Immediately, I began to reflect on my journey into becoming a photographer and I realized that I was experiencing a full on,  full circle moment.  My father was a photographer with a studio in Brooklyn, but what really lit the fire for me was photographing the intimate wedding of my  father-in-law at the time. The operative words are “at the time”. I have since been divorced now. Looking back I can say that something positive came out of a choice that on the surface seemed like it did not benefit me.

The million dollar question is, Do I believe I made a bad choice by marrying my ex? I prefer to say that I could have made a BETTER choice.  I, like millions of others on this Earth, believe that there is a God who is able to restore and redeem bad circumstances for the good.   Through being married to my ex-husband I discovered a passion inside of me that has taken me places that have truly enriched my life. Would I make a different choice if I had a do-over today?  I can confidently say NO. To be honest I couldn’t say that before. I would beat myself up for choosing something that had the potential of destroying me and my dreams.  I’ve learned (and am still learning) to listen to my gut and continue to respect my ability to discern and perceive what is true and what is false.

We tend to own the good choices and blame shift on the bad choices. How convenient. But what if we owned all of our choices? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ones? I don’t think we can call ourselves authentic and claim our whole selves without accepting all the things that brought us to this point. I Challenge you to look back on your life and notice the good things that came out of  your missteps.  Be glad that you had the ability and the freedom to make a choice whether you deem it good or bad. Also, it takes courage and bravery to move on from choices that are not beneficial to you.

Every time we slip and we fall
Gotta get back up and fight on
We are not defined by our past
The future look bright, I see the light on – LeCrae “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”


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  1. Berthine Canty says:

    Yes!!! Great words Candice!!!

  2. Miss Ronae Baker says:

    Thank you for being candid…and now to reflect!

  3. Monica Day says:

    Beautiful! I love this so much.

  4. Tara Richardson says:

    Wow, glad I left this up on my phone to read later. After a conversation this week, it hits me more so than it would have.

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