I never would have imagined that the first headshot I would do in LA would be of the #1 Barack Obama impersonator in the world. Reggie Brown is a comedian and actor who flies all over the globe impersonating the POTUS as well as other celebrities. I met Reggie in the Bahamas at a wedding I was second shooting for and he performed for the reception. After his routine, I went to shake Reggie’s hand as Barack Obama and I must say that I was impressed. I snapped a picture with him immediately posted it on Facebook and all of my Facebook friends went wild! Some people fell for it and some didn’t. The #1 reason why people were suspicious because Obama was reported to be in Hawaii at the time and I couldn’t convince them that Hawaii was one of the islands in the Bahamas. Through conversation with Reggie, I learned that he lived in LA and the coincidence was that I would be in LA the week after. He needed some new head shots and I’m a photographer so here we are! Voila!



While we were scouting locations to shoot around LA, I asked him to do other impressions beside Obama and he kindly obliged. He did impersonations from Terrance Howard to Charlie Sheen and I WAS DONE FOR. RUINED. He’s scarily accurate in his impersonations from the voice, the hand gestures, and the facial expressions. You can tell that he studies his craft very carefully. He’s so good that I was afraid to say anything afterwards and I instantly became self-conscience. I begged him not to ever do an impression of me! I said, “Please, I’m so sensitive!” He assured me that he doesn’t impersonate women, but I’m still not at ease with that answer. Yeah he’s that good.

Besides acting, Reggie is a man of many talents. He has range and he’s definitely not a one trick pony. Yeah sure he has an uncanny resemblance to the POTUS, but when you sit and have a conversation with him he’s just Reggie from Chicago. He’s sharp on politics, and not just material for his performances, this dude knows his stuff! He’s a trained mixed martial artist and a huge foodie. You cannot simplify Reggie’s acting journey by saying that he’s just a lucky guy who happens to resemble the current person holding the highest office in the land. It’s just not that simple, it’s much deeper than that. He has undeniable talent, range and ambition. I’m telling you, this is one comedian we need to keep our eyes on.

Check out Reggie’s Official site here and his body of work here



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  • Precious Perkins

    Awesome Candice. Talented work.ReplyCancel

  • Ivy Ashley

    Candice you have a wonderful “eye”!!ReplyCancel

  • Reggie Brown

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more!ReplyCancel

  • Lyndah Wells

    Great shots! And Reggie is working the camera 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Judi McClendon

    Very impressive!ReplyCancel

  • Monica Day

    These are amazing! What a transformation he makes. 😉ReplyCancel