25 Traits of Entrepreneurs

Today I was beyond frustrated. Actually, frustrated wasn’t a sufficient enough word for how I felt this morning. If there were a pile of leaves around me I would have kicked it. If there was gust of air I would be fighting it. Finally, if there was a shadow I would be boxing it. Starting and maintaining your own business is NOT easy work. It’s stressful, sometimes things don’t go the way that you planned and sometimes it just plain sucks! In my frustration, I looked at my library of books and saw a book that I haven’t picked up in 15 years. The book is titled “LISTS to LIVE BY by Alice Gray. This is a “oldie but goodie” compilation book filled with tips and encouragement to the average person. Believe it or not, I picked up the book and landed on the page featuring Earl Nightingale’s “25 Traits of Entreprenuers“. I began to read it and I didn’t feel as alone I did before. It’s like the words leaped off of the page! Here’s the list:

1. DRIVE: a high degree of motivation
2. COURAGE: tenacity and persistence
3. GOALS: a sense of direction
4. KNOWLEDGE: and a thirst for it
5. GOOD HEALTH: taking care of one’s body
6. HONESTY: especially intellectual
7. OPTIMISM: positive attitude
8. JUDGEMENT: knowing the wise from the foolish
9. ENTHUSIASM: excitement about life
10. CHANCE TAKING: willingness to risk failure
11. DYNAMISM: energy
12. ENTERPRISE: willingness to tackle tough jobs
13. PERSUASION: ability to sell
14. OUTGOINGNESS: friendly
15. PATIENT YET IMPATIENT: patient with others, yet impatient with the status quo
16. ADAPTABILITY: capable of change
17. PERFECTIONISM: desire to achieve excellence
18. HUMOR: ability to laugh at self and others  <—- I CAN DIG THIS TRAIT 
19. VERSATILITY: broad interests and skills
20. CURIOSITY: interested in people and things
21. SELF-IDENTITY: self-esteem and self-sufficiency
22. REALISM/IDEALISM: occupied by reality but guided by ideals
23. IMAGINATION: seeking new ideas, combinations, and relationships
24. COMMUNICATION: articulate
25. RECEPTIVE: alert

I am grateful that I found this list in the book before I snapped. Thankfully Rule number 18 has got me through many hard times and difficulties.  So I would like to say thank you Alice Gray and Co. for Compiling this book of encouraging content and thank you Mr. Nightingale for sharing your wisdom with fellow business owners. You’re a true hero saving the innocent lives of leaves, air, and shadows everywhere. Kudos to you!



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