My First International Wedding | Mexico City

My love for travel is not something that I hide.  I caught the travel bug from when I was a little kid, holding the hand of my mother as we would travel to her homeland of Jamaica with little me in tow sucking my thumb. Then at the age of 16 I was given the opportunity to go through the jungles of Suriname with my church.  From then my life was changed… I was addicted to seeing all the stamps from different places on my passport pages. From the favelas in Brazil to the cobblestone streets in Israel, my love of travel has brought me where I am today.

This weekend I had the pleasure to go to Mexico City for the 3rd time. Unlike the previous trips, this time was different. This time I wasn’t there to do humanitarian work. I was there on business, the business of wedding photography.  It was a surreal experience to see my love for travel and my love for wedding photography come together to make an unforgettable experience.  From the first time I picked up a camera to shoot a wedding, I saw myself traveling the world and sharing my gift with others. It is truly wonderful to see one of my dreams come to fruition.

About Mexico City…  I couldn’t pick a better place for my first international wedding to be. The food, the people, the hospitality, the rich history and culture. Everything seems brighter here and the streets remind me of NYC with a Spanish flair. My Spanish Language education surprisingly kicked in to aid me in conversations with the locals. All in all, Mexico City is simply enchanting.  Whenever I watch one of my favorite movies shot in Mexico City, “Man On Fire”  (big fan of Denzel and loved the directing style of Tony Scott)  I always look forward to reading the caption at the end of the movie,

“A special thanks to Mexico City: A very special place”

Well, I couldn’t agree more…



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