Dream. Plan. Succeed! – What Dreams May Come Envision ‘14

Tonight over 30 dreamers and entreprenuers from all walks of life gathered in a swanky loft in NYC to discuss and discover our goals for 2014. At the helm of this intimate event was up and coming life coach and soon to be first time mother Raeven Western. Raeven Western aka “The Dream Pusher” spoke for a power packed hour, giving us her 4 tenets of realizing dreams and goals. I would like to share a small portion of what Raeven shared with us.


  1. Dream – Be Specific. Be Clear. Write it down.
  2. Believe- Believe in yourself + Believe in your dreams
  3. Plan- Know what MOTIVATES you + Know what DISTRACTS you
  4. Create- Create an environment that is conducive to your dreams. Surround yourself with people who will keep you accountable and will continually encourage you to dream big!


After Raeven finished speaking, Event Coordinator Marisa Flores had us all introduce ourselves and speak briefly about our 2014 goals. Hearing all the participants vocalize their dreams was likened to adding wood to the already brightly burning fire that Raeven started with her energizing talk. It was inspiring!  The remainder of the evening was alotted for making Vision Boards and networking with one another. I feel not only inspired, but empowered to see some of my dreams come to fruition this year. To all the dreamers in attendance and not present this is our year! Let’s make it happen folks!

I had the chance to capture some pics of the event with my iPhone. 🙂



**Raeven Western doing what she does best…Pushing others to dream big! **


**Marisa Flores of House of Flores**


Speaker: Raeven Western of www.pushydreamers.com

Event Coordinator: Marisa Flores of House of Flores http://www.houseofflores.com

Food: Tomica Burke of www.tom-cookery.com

Pastries: Ilene Miriam Pastry Studio www.ilenemiriam.com

Paperie:  Noirstyle Invites www.noirstyleinvites.com 





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